Saturday, December 18, 2010

zzzzzz == lol laptop berabuk (habuk)

                                             when my heart pounding : 

 I can’t stand seeing you anymore. I’ll kick you away.
Even if you grab a hold of me, I’ll ignore you Hey

I’ll get my revenge when I become a greater person, don’t you forget it

Half of the world are men, it makes no difference if you’re gone.

I’m going to wait by myself for a guy who will only look at me.

get it, ********? huh, dont play play (PCK version) . 

every single day i count the number of holidays left before going back to school again. and now only 10 days more. i mean, 11. D: LOL, PMR is waiting for me. :') erkkk....:v

whateverr.... (gewdix style XD) 

lol hari ni sejuk sgt, ta pyh susah2 pi london atau somalia XD kat msia pun sejuk... 
ketaq tgn. ermm hari nie agak penin pala. pasaipa tktaw. :'|

lol smalam punya smalam adalah hari yg tak berapa bes sbb aq masak hangit. :\
bro asyik gelak ja. ungkit smpai malam. :'( ceit ta sngaja masak hngit ja pon.. 
(bebai -__-)

well, nota sejarah dh smpai bab 6..yayy... :D tp apa bes sejarah, tulih bkn msuk pala hotak pownn... ermm... ton dpn kna p tusyen. tkmao p tusyen malam2.. penattt =="
errmm nmpknya tun dpn kna gigih ckit laa memandangkan PMR dh dkt. adoiiyaii no more utube2, no more fb, no more twitter, and NO MORE GAMMING. :'( 


Before I knew it, another day passes and
My footsteps go towards home
With a mind that first started with a bulky heart
Sometimes inside the tired everyday
My breathing freedom drags my tired body and
Follows that road
Yes~! Feel the world full of hope
Yes~! Towards that high future over there

okay the conclusion is, this year was full of freedom. and for the exam, im not studying well. and for the next year, im gonna be more hardworking as same as standard 6. woaa wktu darjah 6 gua rjenn woo... :D


P/S : saya rindu sama mimi  ;) nty bukak kolah nk pelok dya..yayy... :DD 

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