Friday, December 10, 2010

:\ nothing particular xD

annyeong...huhh... so great that my fever had recover... alhamdulillah.. haha today my cousins came visiting happy... they r all cute and playful..LOL...but still i love them...:) haha btw i'm sick with one of my fren. she's a copycat. what i did, she did it too. lol im gonna fed-up with mind had mess.. i admit that  she's a bes fren ever but her behaviour annoys me.. i forgive u fren, :) but to forget it...NEVER! why u did this to me, fren...=,= im gonna insane with this problem..

well, im utubing for a wholeday. haha for what? to search on my dbsk!!! crazy over them. my heart had fall for just kidding... if u haven't know kpop yet, i suggest u better not to know them. because once u have watch kpop mv or drama, u will got addict. fuhh, thats a serious virus. no medicine at all. LOL. but they bring us happiness. :) (no offence)

well, im writing this blog at 12.02 am. im feeling tired already so i decide to sleep noww... but why my bed so high and is it suits for a petite person like me ? huh, whatever... nak tdow..bye

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