Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 said goodbye :')

I want to tell you, even though the sad times have already past

Close your eyes and feel, how you affect my mind, how you attract my gaze.

Don't wait for a miracle, there's a rough road in front of us

with obstacles and future that can't be known, yet I won't change, I can't give up.

Keep your love unchanging for my wounded heart

Looking in your eyes, no words are needed, time has stopped.

I love you, just like this. The longed end of wandering.

I leave behind this world's unending sadness.

Walking the many and unknowable paths, I follow a dim light.

It's something we'll do together to the end, into the new world.

Don't wait for a miracle, there's a rough road in front of us

with obstacles and future that can't be known, yet I won't change, I can't give up.

ToDaY Is 31 dec 2010. thats mean today is the last day of 2010! ouh dear, how could i don't realise it yesterday. there's a lot of unforgettable memories happen in 2010. in 2010, i learn the mean(ed) of 2010 too, i got to fall in love . ^^, in 2010 too, i became a good student (better than last year). i got a few achievement in 2010 and im glad.. so happy.


i love my besties so much. :) they always beside me whenever im happy or sad. they r the best fren ever. i just wanna share in my blog about my 4 besties . they help me a lot and stay with me along 2010 . dear frens, i love u....muahh XOXO (akukah nie?)

Ofea ! :DD

Birth name : anis sofea
Stage name : ofea
DOB : 29/3/96
speciality : singing, joking, lecturing XD

ofea nie besty pertama aq kat ibrahim. :) dyer ni baik sgt ! dya nie positif, kelakar and PANDAI. pengawas kat smki. klu org bru nk knal dy mybe akan ingat dy nie combonk . tp xlah, dya nie peramah plus happy-go-lucky . :D

Cikpah :D

Birth name : sh. nor azreen suhaila
stage nama : cikpah :)
DOB : 14/8/96
Speciality : good at sports, bravery girl,
helpful person, sweet smile.

dya nie aktif gila sukan. smua dy msuk. (hmpir laa) cikpah nie actually baek + smart + suka uat lwk. :)
tp bru2 nie kitorang da selisih fhm ckit. and cikpah mrajuk. so sorry cikpah. :(
btw, we syg u.. :D (pedya kot)

birth name : nazurah adilah
stage name : nazra
DOB : 27/2/96
speciality : innocent face n heart

nazurah bru je msuk geng (XD) kitorang ton niee... dya nie OKey la. pndai pon pndai. she captured many people's heart .. dy dh ada balak poun . with her nice attitude and nice face, dya akan berjaya stu hari nty . :) -LOL-

nie gmbaq dya :DD

birth name : nadia
stage name : kyu-na
DOB : bru td
speciality: innocent type, 
suka tolong2 owg

okey. ndia nie bes fren yg sgt bes. i love her so much ! hati dya suci. klu org tipu pon dya pcaya nieh. :DD ndia suka korea, sma la cm aqq... lalalalalalala~

aq ? ala...mcm xknai aq... btw aq x suka show-off. thats not me. :)
so aq x boh gmbar. trauma kna hack kat fb dlu . :D 


Birth name : nabila ayuni
Stage name : bella
DOB : 21 July 2011 XD
speciality : (?) 

new pharagraph :

aww, 2011 say hai and 2010 said gudbye. ;'( im gonna miss 2010 
-lol mlm taun bru penoh dgn org kat SP nih-
kedai mkn, supermarket, smua tmpat penohh.

2010, i stayed single. :DD (and i like that)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

when the heart falls XD (mimi)

rabu pegi lgkawii...mcm besa..mbuk laut... :')

lol, menda nih XD

tanak cita panjang2 kat blog sbb nie sgt peribadi..
tp yg psti my heart had fall kat lgkawi... hmm


actually wktu dok senang lenang kat tepi swimming pool dkt resort p njang,
wktu dok usha justin bieber swimming,
ada la sorg niee... nama dya M (ntah memandai je) dya nie kann... err apa haa... XD paham2 jer lah
wktu nmpk dya tuh mmg trus2 pkai spec hitam (alat usha2) XD err kntoi sudaa
just kidding, x wat ponn... :) sy baik punyaa...

dah2 ubah ah topik... first day there, mmg amazed ngn resort p njang, mmg cun ahh... mat salleh belunggok... switzerland, holland, greenland, thailand XD sume adaa... (x psti la plak)
angin mendayu-dayu, kapal byk gak yg berlabuh citu, sekali tgk cam buku sejarah la plak (francis light menawan kedah) X( . Kat citu ada swimming pool yg sepesyel kat sunway lagoon laa... mmg stai. mat salleh tgh berehat2 kat citu, org korea pon adaa... syoknyaa... waa org koreaa
Selepas 16 minit bru taw org tu bkn korea . X(

second day there, nek bot jalan2... lalalaalalaa cntik scenery. smpai kat pulau dyg bunting nmpk kera byk. LOL kera tgkap beg plastik. cri makan...ksiann.. :) tkpalah kera, eden halalkan makanan yg kau curi tuh...
dkt pulau tu, kera jinak ckit...CKIT JAA...liaq byk. jalan2 kat pulau tu saja penat satu badan.. 200 meter mengharungi hutan yg x brapa gelap tu. finally bru jmpk penamat. XD there we can try swimming but it was under 10 metre feet. lol dalam kot. tkmaw truih swim.
then, nek boat again pergi jmpk helang. kecik ja helang. :) so chumell...

then, saya nk tdog dan gudnite ! xD

Saturday, December 18, 2010

zzzzzz == lol laptop berabuk (habuk)

                                             when my heart pounding : 

 I can’t stand seeing you anymore. I’ll kick you away.
Even if you grab a hold of me, I’ll ignore you Hey

I’ll get my revenge when I become a greater person, don’t you forget it

Half of the world are men, it makes no difference if you’re gone.

I’m going to wait by myself for a guy who will only look at me.

get it, ********? huh, dont play play (PCK version) . 

every single day i count the number of holidays left before going back to school again. and now only 10 days more. i mean, 11. D: LOL, PMR is waiting for me. :') erkkk....:v

whateverr.... (gewdix style XD) 

lol hari ni sejuk sgt, ta pyh susah2 pi london atau somalia XD kat msia pun sejuk... 
ketaq tgn. ermm hari nie agak penin pala. pasaipa tktaw. :'|

lol smalam punya smalam adalah hari yg tak berapa bes sbb aq masak hangit. :\
bro asyik gelak ja. ungkit smpai malam. :'( ceit ta sngaja masak hngit ja pon.. 
(bebai -__-)

well, nota sejarah dh smpai bab 6..yayy... :D tp apa bes sejarah, tulih bkn msuk pala hotak pownn... ermm... ton dpn kna p tusyen. tkmao p tusyen malam2.. penattt =="
errmm nmpknya tun dpn kna gigih ckit laa memandangkan PMR dh dkt. adoiiyaii no more utube2, no more fb, no more twitter, and NO MORE GAMMING. :'( 


Before I knew it, another day passes and
My footsteps go towards home
With a mind that first started with a bulky heart
Sometimes inside the tired everyday
My breathing freedom drags my tired body and
Follows that road
Yes~! Feel the world full of hope
Yes~! Towards that high future over there

okay the conclusion is, this year was full of freedom. and for the exam, im not studying well. and for the next year, im gonna be more hardworking as same as standard 6. woaa wktu darjah 6 gua rjenn woo... :D


P/S : saya rindu sama mimi  ;) nty bukak kolah nk pelok dya..yayy... :DD 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i got nothing :3

aloha... huhh... ari nie panas nk mampuih...klu sidai baju cpt kering nih... huhh air cone wajib ar bukak. seb bek x kluar mana2 ari nih, klu x hbeh kulit itam..X( owh lupa plak ada fair n lovely. ^0^

hari nie bes sgt sbb nota sejarah dh nak siap. fuhh lama buat taw. dari awai cuti. (ini pembohongan)
pkui 1.30 call nadia hbaq psai nota. dah agak dh dya x buat lg..
wei nadia, seb bek ada aq klu x smpai taun dpn hg x siap. :)

well, hari nie my tamagotchi get older. huduh piang... X( menyesai belaa... (xbeik aq). tp alhamdulillah dy dh kawen dan beranak :) (lol)

inilah tamagotchi ye..pengetahuan utk sesapa yg
 mseh jahil  maklumat . :D

Sunday, December 12, 2010


ermm...i found that my holiday only left 20 days more. Bila esok tiba, akan tinggal 19 hari ja lg..urghh ta bes..mmm nak cutii..cuti bess... (pehal aq nih) . btw today is the day. the day that same as the other day. today is sunday and thats the day. the day to eat

Friday, December 10, 2010

:\ nothing particular xD

annyeong...huhh... so great that my fever had recover... alhamdulillah.. haha today my cousins came visiting happy... they r all cute and playful..LOL...but still i love them...:) haha btw i'm sick with one of my fren. she's a copycat. what i did, she did it too. lol im gonna fed-up with mind had mess.. i admit that  she's a bes fren ever but her behaviour annoys me.. i forgive u fren, :) but to forget it...NEVER! why u did this to me, fren...=,= im gonna insane with this problem..

well, im utubing for a wholeday. haha for what? to search on my dbsk!!! crazy over them. my heart had fall for just kidding... if u haven't know kpop yet, i suggest u better not to know them. because once u have watch kpop mv or drama, u will got addict. fuhh, thats a serious virus. no medicine at all. LOL. but they bring us happiness. :) (no offence)

well, im writing this blog at 12.02 am. im feeling tired already so i decide to sleep noww... but why my bed so high and is it suits for a petite person like me ? huh, whatever... nak tdow..bye

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


weehem! skit tekak la plak...uisyy nk demam pon adaa...gila ah... btw today i went to nadia's house. (tetiba BI). she's having a bday party . so many people there and i got nervous... cake sedapp... :D caya lahh... erm today was not as bored as the other day. i got a chance to meet my fb frens.. (n_n) so heppy maa..face to face tuu... and today i had just voted for allkpop awards at the web given. wow, im so elated when i voted. cant wait to see the results.. i want JYJ to win.. (dbsk dh bpecah :( ) well, sakit tekak..uhukhuk...@_@ grr...

well, this is jaejoong, cutee ? :DD

Saturday, December 4, 2010

again and again

Haru is the bes movie ever...! hahah..well, today happen so fast... tick tock tick now is 7 pm already... (msia tyme) . why the time move fast ? mybee it was becauseee....woaa..i dun want to think bout dat... btw, i enjoyed my keyboard class today... new song to be played and i am elated to do so. dumdumdum... aha!~ :D  until now my teacher always told me "nabila, bt persembahan kat kolah ibrahim nty taw". what ? o.O ahaha... sory laa cgu saya x rsa nk bt pown  >.< (upps) . 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

a moment like this :D

aha... the same routine as always for sure..:( but yesterday was a funny one. my mum was trapped in her room.. my bro keep helping n it took about 1 hour 12 mnite to crash the door tombol.. haha i just watching only... btw i found that my holiday only left 29 days more. ouch why the time move very fast. im not enjoyed with my h0liday yet . what de frog. hehe... i also want to study earlier than always as i will become a PMR candidate next year. but...u always just a dream only.. i am just an ordinary girl (full of laziness) ... so i know this holiday will just same as before..hmm
p/s : kat mana nk tgk cita korea HARU ? spa taw plizz...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

i got u under my skin~

Neon nareul weonhae neon naege bbajyeo neon naege michyeo
He eonal su eobseo I got you- Under my skin
Neon nareul weonhae neon naege bbajyeo neon naege michyeo
Neon na-ye no ye I got you- Under my skin

You want me.
You've fallen for me.
You're crazy for me.
You can't escape me.
I've got you under my skin.
You want me.
You've fallen for me.
You're crazy for me.
You're my slave.
I've got you under my skin.

  • rite now im crazy over this song... so meaningful and their dance were so hot...