Thursday, December 2, 2010

a moment like this :D

aha... the same routine as always for sure..:( but yesterday was a funny one. my mum was trapped in her room.. my bro keep helping n it took about 1 hour 12 mnite to crash the door tombol.. haha i just watching only... btw i found that my holiday only left 29 days more. ouch why the time move very fast. im not enjoyed with my h0liday yet . what de frog. hehe... i also want to study earlier than always as i will become a PMR candidate next year. but...u always just a dream only.. i am just an ordinary girl (full of laziness) ... so i know this holiday will just same as before..hmm
p/s : kat mana nk tgk cita korea HARU ? spa taw plizz...

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