Tuesday, December 7, 2010


weehem! skit tekak la plak...uisyy nk demam pon adaa...gila ah... btw today i went to nadia's house. (tetiba BI). she's having a bday party . so many people there and i got nervous... cake sedapp... :D caya lahh... erm today was not as bored as the other day. i got a chance to meet my fb frens.. (n_n) so heppy maa..face to face tuu... and today i had just voted for allkpop awards at the web given. wow, im so elated when i voted. cant wait to see the results.. i want JYJ to win.. (dbsk dh bpecah :( ) well, sakit tekak..uhukhuk...@_@ grr...

well, this is jaejoong, cutee ? :DD

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