Sunday, November 13, 2011

Super Fake 7

They dance nicely. But not as good as SNSD. They can dance, but not softly. They didn't as pretty as SNSD. Sorry to say that ! I hate a copycat, okay? If they want to be famous, then make a MV. Don't be a copycat. I can't accept this ! One word - Yucks !

Well I somewhat think that this group has no right to bash on SNSD like that.They don't sing, they don't dance well and they are not even pretty like seriously they have somewhat nice bodies.. but to say they have the natural beauty they are bragging about. I guess they have to take a long look in the mirror..not bashing on them..just saying the truth...even if they sing good, look good and dance good...they should not go bashing other groups.

this to me is disrespectful and degrading..dont bash a group and then proceed to do a horrible cover of them for attention.. i cant believe sm gave them permission to do this and if they didnt they should sue their dumbasses. Im a huge snsd fan and i will still defend any group who is being wronged like this SOO PISSED

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