Friday, December 9, 2011

Is listening to IU-someday (ost DH) and random typing

CHILL LA BLOGGERS! Kalian amat comel , lol! 

YOU DONNO ME~~ *sila nyanyi*

Hai, lama x jumpak! Lama x update blog! Lama x bukak blog! Lama x shopping! Lama x jogging! Lama x menjahit! Lama lama jd tua =,= am i ridiculous? :P

Ok there's some people told me yg aku ni lawak =.= and aiman kta aku suka merepek. Guys, tell me.. Is this pujian? Does a girl needs to have perangai lawak yakni sense of humor?? :P Tak buruk ka kalau girls ada sifat yg sgt x gadis melayu tu? Ermm apa2 ja lah wei asalkan iman aku x goyah xD

Ouh by the way! my holiday ada yg bes ada sederhana and some ==" undescribeable.. HUHU i want to return as a 7-years-old kid so badly D: ! At that time nothing serabut kepala, enjoy saja! Waktu tu pon holiday aku terasa sgt panjang. Well, it's normal masa berjalan dgn pantas. You have know why so no need to ask. Now my time is 13 hours with laptop and the rest buat apa yg manusia selalu buat. Ok semayang x tinggai. 1 1/2 hours to cook, and sapu sampah buat jugak. JUGAK, lol! And i am strongly hate this! =,=

"i..i want to return as a kid like baby!!~" "and i keep feeling distracted ted ted ted ted" DD:

Time is one of the things that we can't want it back. It is PRECIOUS! So better do something yg berbaloi selagi masa still ada. OKAY? get it?? GOOD..!
I love to spend my time with beneficial activites. xD ehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehe! When we are onlining (LOL epic english), we can do many things! (epic english sec version) . Haha we can find recipes, play games, chatting, listening to the music, writing novels and others (primary school memory)

and right now something baru berlaku.

"K aku x layak utk hang, hang ada dia, aku ni sapa la sgt an?"

Well, guys open up your mind! This is not me at all :P Just fake mind thinking. FAKE!

I am thinking of making a new blog after result keluar. If result memuaskan, then i will make it. If not, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is no NOT! Please.... :'( i don't want bad results.. Peliz~~~

Kbye! Listen to this song :

IU mmg ada suara yg sedap woo~ Kelas kau IU~ xD

Haha (why haha?) =="
K hihi aku xdk bias pon dlm drama dream high ni. It is not because no one handsome atau x cukup cute =.= tp aku yg rsa x nk minat.. Drama ni serious bes cuma hehe jgn mrh i tau! i rasa pelakon dia berlakon kdg2 x jadi esp. taecyeon. No offence, taecyeon i love 2PM! Soohyun lak berlakon jd gila. Amazed by aku. K fullstop k bye!

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