Sunday, March 13, 2011

aww i love snsd a lot :DD

Visual Dreams” is one of the newest song by SNSD.. haha it is a bubbly pop song which is filled with light, girly vocals, a steady percussion, and funky electronica elements. The drums in the beginning reminded me of adam lamberts song “if i had you”.. hehehehe

1. yoona
2. sooyoung
3. sunny bunny :)
4. yuri
5. hyoyeon
6. seohyun
7. taeyeon
8. tiffany
9. jessica

woaa... seriously its so rare to see taeyeon as the main vocalist sings the seventh part. she usually sings the first part or second or third or fourth.. i donno why. 
by the way, tiffany looks so cute with that hairstyle and her style of rapping was  gorgeous!~ gomingo~~

haha... truthly yoona's voice sounds really cute in this mv and she's quite pretty too. (im praising her?? omg ==) second, sooyoung. haha i love her rock personality. she's not fake at all. third is... aaa... ouh SUNNY!~ the aegyo queen really bright in this mv. good strength of vocal as usual.. (: fourth, the pretty girl, YURI. :D soft and husky voice... she'd captured many people's heart in this mv. fifth is hyoyeon. almost all the korean said that she has the same face as the actress, SONG HYE GYO. haha i can see that... sixth , seohyun. tha cutest maknae... she has an innocent personality . what i know is she's one of the intelligent students in her school. i wonder how many A's she had when she was in third level . Seventh, dorky taeyeon. uwaa she's so cute. her voice? NO DOUBT. the best vocal ever.. in 2009 , taeyeon became the winner for "the best vocal in woman kpop group".. :DD eight, TIFFANY!~ my unnies! i really love her a lot. im not lesbian okey. == im pity wif tiffany as she does not get enough camera attention in all music video. many SOSHI say like dat too. last but not least is jessica.. the californian girl that moved to korea to become a singer.. what a big dream...!~ 

setai an? :))))

p/s : nice to see nice to hold, once broken, consider sold! XD
(pnh dgaq dak) :D

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