Friday, April 4, 2014


Hai. Dah lama sangat dah tak update dekat blog nie. Maklum la orang sekarang dah tak layan sangat dah blog nie. Ni semua gara-gara pakcik Instagram, makcik WeChat, kak WhatApps pa benda la banyak sangat teknologi sampai aku pun pening.

Well, pada tengah hari ini (4/4/14) i just heard an awesome news yang membuatkan aku melompat kegembiraan dan menangis terharuan :")

My ultimate bias, Tiffany SNSD is officially Nichkhun's!!! 

OMGot7 i'm so haaaaaaaapppppyyyyyyy!!!! i always wish for tiffany to be end up with nichkhun sebab pada pandangan mata kasar aku, nichkhun is the most right perfect handsome guy for kakak tiffany saya <3

Tapi kan aku tak percaya sangat la rumours kata Khunfany couple for 4 months. Sebab aku rasa 4 TAHUN.  But according to the rumours, they were only friends back then, only 4 months ago they started to officially in a relationship. Whatever, i will still keep in my mind that they are a couple for 4 years, haha.

To be honest, even though tiffany has been rumoured with Wooyoung, Siwon, Daesung (lol), Jang geun seuk etc but i just love and prefer KhunFany to be real. Why? well they're so damn perfect together! What a cute couple!! (by the way i'm a Lufany shipper too, keke) Tiffany is a sweet and caring girl with lots of talents and she's one of the SNSD members, guys.! SNSD ! repeat, SNSD aka Girls' Generation!! Asian first girl group. Of course she's awesome. While Nichkhun, no doubt he's the most handsome creature in the kpop world. I'm not exaggerating guys, it's a fact okay! No one can beat the Thai Prince. His face is soooooooo perfect and so does his behaviour (i hope so) he's the combination of handsome and cute. And his 6 packs, oh god! *faint* If you're saying that you're better than Nickhun, bitch please you're just making fun of yourself . And to diehard TaeNy shippers, i can never understand you all. Are you guys hoping them to be together? as a lesbian couple? for real???? wadahell??? *facepalm* Please. Let them be straight, aiyoyo what happens to the people nowadays *heavy sigh* 

and yeah Keep supporting Eye Smile couple! :D 

Please stay forever, KhunFany :'D

This one is my favourite <33

their younger version. Oh my i miss this moment. Years had passed :')

Let's hope for them to last forever! :DD

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