Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy Birthday my other half

Assalamualaikum! Mood extra happy!!!

baby i'm back baby!! huhu blog ku sayang~ :'(((
just when i really thought we're gonna break apart, takdir menemukan kita
You know, i can't open this blog for months and i don't know why
but there's a miracle for today bcos i can open it! Today! Yeah?!

I try and error try and error try and error for god knows how many times
and menakjubkan aku boleh bukak hari ni! K brapa kali nak ulang xD

Okay let's go straight to the point.
Hari ni ialah birthday Do Kyungsoo from Exo. He has this sexy husky voice. And second, his heart-shaped smile... and i fell in love with his smile. Unique enough aku x pernah tengok org senyum bentuk hati kecuali Nabilah Sainuddin, one of my best buddies for 2 years. And kyungsoo ada sepasang mata yang omaigod omaigod comel gila bangang :') *nangis 20 baldi* mata besar, boleh lawan heliza helmi. 

Even though my 1st bias is Chanyeol , sebab chanyeol ni love at first sight. Kyungsoo pulak love at personality. Dan chanyeol keluar perform and rap dulu masa Wolf so he grabbed my attention first. K nobody cares, i know. But erghh whatever i still love kyungsoo.

Thank you Exo especially kyungsoo cos today is his day *wink* for being my inspiration. You guys totally rock my day. A day without you guys is a boredom ya know. I love almost all your song. I totally drooled over D.O's voice sebab bila dia nyanyi, he sounds like someone who really ikhlas dalam menyampaikan lirik tu (amik kau broken english + bahasa rojak bakso laksam) dan bila dia nyanyi he sounds different, macam Daehyun. Those two guys are my favourite in terms of singing in kpop. Nyanyi pi la pa benda pon aku akan donlod, hehe. Tidak lupa jugak Ustaz Azhar Idrus. Ceramah beliau sangat stai *tetiba* Kredit to maher zain jugak *tetiba kali kedua*

D.O Kyungsoo, happy birthday! Live a long life. Stay happy and please always show your heart-shaped smile, squishy! You don't know me but i do know you. Maybe i'm just one of your million fans out there but heyyy no matter how hard for me as your international fan to endure it, i just won't care. To support and love you from behind is enough :) serious i tak tipu. This is how i feel. Like seriously exostan2 sekalian fikir la logik sikit jadi fan cukup la ni expect jadi bini, gila sungguh macam boleh sama xD Nonetheless i know it's just so nice to imagine it , being ur bias wife. Haha whatever. Btw aku excited celebrate bday D.O melebihi excited sambut bday aku!! My birthday? Not everyone cared. Not everyone bothered to remember. especially YOU :') you don't even know how much your existence means to me cos you still treat me like an invisible person in your life. and you got yourself a beautiful gf too :') tapi aku cantik lagi rasanya *jealousy overload* haha haha erm *awkward cough*

Before today ends, let us wish Happy Birthday to Do Kyungsoo !

Sincerely from one of ur global fans :)

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