Thursday, October 13, 2011

Assalamualaikum :)

after a long journey, 

i faced a lot of messy things,

a triplet going to western,

a bunch of colourful colgate..

Dah2 nk merapu dh ar nie. Ok seriously aq x phm pon apa aq tulis td. lol aq waya ckittt..

PMR was over! yeah i am the late one to post this freedom speech. yeah who cares?

hello, bm easy la, bi easy la, geo easy la, sej lg la easy, sc wahhh i love you :D, math iloveyoutoo why so kacang maa, agama errr i worked hard on this so i hope the results will TING! :)

BUT KH, GRRRRRRRRRRRR why they asked questions like that ha?! tadak dlm bku okayh. kena pakai brain byk. hisyyy dh la aq x tahan nk p tandas msa tu. tuhan ja yg taw (lol) jgn pikiaq pelik.

:'( okay the night before the day (whatever) i received a lot of semangat messages. Some wished me not to cry in the hall. Of course not . i am not a baby anymore okay =.= and some wished me luck for sure. Appreciated guys :') always there for me! 

Unfortunately, I had a sawan that night. Do you know sawan? It is the brother of Waya. (what am i talking about???) 

Okay forget about waya. I talk about sawan now. Yeah, i reallyyy waya (again) at that time. Baling baling bantal and then bt muka truk. Muka stai xdak semangat lgsung. X chill, bkn nabila la!. All of a sudden,



"i just want to wish u luck tomorrow. do the best k!"

"i am the best forever..."

"are you okay...? =="

"no i am not. AT ALL."

"what's the problem girl? Share with me"

"what share share? i sawan laaa"

"hahaha funny la you. Relax, chill okay. Wayback when i was fifteen, there's a guy named whateva slept during the exams and he quickly did his test when there was about 10 minutes more! But, he got A's"

"what??? did...did he do that?"

"we've supposed to get 40 marks as free right? Remember?"

"LIE LIE LIE~ i sawan, you sawan, we sawan sawan sawan"

"Betul la... 40 mrkah tu free right?"

"OUH (bru tringat!) Thanks! You are the best!!! YEEEEHAAA!"

And after an hour, i smile for no reasons. I got my spirit back :D Sometimes i have to listen to others too. Kononnya dh makan asam garam kehidupan. Haha! when i think about this anytime anywhere, i laugh heartily. Bkn ke bodoh jika aku dok sawan lagu tuh smpai la esok PMR balek bru nk lega sawan. Mmg x bermkna apa la. Bila jd sawan nie semangat kita xdak taw. Mcm mayat hidup. So buang mase i je bt tu smua. 

And thanks my friend for advised me last week. Bcause of you, i dh x sawan. 

Ok bye bloggers! Anti Hackers! 

p/s : yg atas td tu translate BM ke BI.

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