Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I just want a peaceful. A peace comes dropping slow. But why did they can't understood?

It's a lame story to share with. I am afraid of something. Something that i don't want it to be true. But i'm so unfortunate that the things that i don't want to be true is true. This is not hell. This is just a mess problem that was created by myself. And i am still searching on how to get rid of this messy things.

I started it first. I did it. I make them cry. I didn't mind at all. I am evil for sure. I just thought of myself at that time. I think so. I know what would happen if i still doing that.

And the day has come. I get the punishment. Fullstop. I don't want more.

You never say goodbye but i know you hope so. Thank you buddies! You are kind enough.

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