Tuesday, June 7, 2011

an enjoyable trip to share (xdak ketan langsung)

Assalamualaikum and a pleasant hi to all the bloggers out there. First of all, i just want to remind you all that people nowadays cannot be trusted. Some of them are very hypocritical and fulled of lies and blabla :| 

O'ckay im not going to write much today. I'm not in a good mood rite now because i baru jer balik dari penang, pergi bercuti dan actually sgt seronok XD

btw my pretty friend told me yesterday "ahah nabila tgk la filem pirates of the caribbean, bes woooo :D" (that's what she said XD) and im going to watch that movie tomorrow. (if god willing). On the other hand , my brother : 

"nak tgk citer karak, nk tgk citer karak XD"

and i was just like... OMG! cita hantu la plak. =..=

(burn my lip with a hammer)

And for now i think i wannna post something that will attract us. This is because everyone experiences it for once, twice or more. 

dum dum


Signs of Being in Love 


Love cannot be learnt or taught. Sometimes, you are not even aware when it happens. Falling in love with someone is an exciting, wonderful experience. It may also be a bit confusing, if you are unfamiliar with this experience. You don't understand what is happening with you. If you know the signs of being in love, it will help relieve your confusion and understand your inner feelings.

  • When you are in love with someone, you remember him/her all the time. You go on thinking about that person and the happy moments spent together. You are not even able to concentrate on your work.
  • When you are in love, everything in daily life reminds you of him/her. When you see anything or do anything, you tend to recall the related memories of the moments that you spent with him/her.
  • If you concern a lot about someone, then it indicates that you are in love. You always care about his/her safety and happiness. You experience an overwhelming urge that he/she should be happy and comfortable and should not be troubled by anything. It becomes your number one priority. You always try to protect that person.
  • When you start loving someone, you become more cautious about your appearance. You naturally wish that you should look more attractive to him. You become attentive about your clothes and hairstyle, so that you would get an appreciation from him/her. You look more attractive and cheerful and it's because of your romantic mood. You also try to impress him/her by updating your knowledge about the current issues.
  • When you love someone, you feel that no person is more attractive than the individual you love. You even don't notice the presence of other people. Your whole attention is concentrated on that individual only.
  • Now you deny spending much time with your friends. You want to spend more time with him/her. You want to be alone and think more about your special person. Even though you are surrounded by your friends, you will find yourself constantly thinking about being with someone special.
  • When you find someone interesting, you wish to know more about him/her. You want to know about his interests, likes and dislikes and career. You are eager to understand every detail of his/her life. You also try to do the things that he/she likes.
  • There was a time, when you were cautious about time or spending the money. But when you are with someone special, you even don't think about time or how much money you spend to buy a gift for him/her.
  • Loyalty is another name for love. You want to be loyal to him/her and expect the same from that person. He/she becomes the only concerned person for you.
  • When you love someone, you tend to think about his/her expectations. You think about his/her views and needs and learn to compromise.
  • You share some beautiful moments with him/her. You feel happy and excited when you plan about going to a party or picnics, attending a ceremony together. You start discussing about the future plans.

and i have a boyfriend. that is why i manage to post this into my blog. 

what? boyfriend? nabila? boyfriend? nabila ? boyfriend? nabila ayuni boyfriend? bf?? huh? :P  i am strongly sure that you you you you are still wondering who's that unfortunate boy that is actually unwilling to be with me XD (just kidding)


i deserve to have a bf too. an adolescence needs someone to accompany with. even kids underage also have husbands and wives. 

"everytime they ask us to do this, dont u think they think that we r crazy? crazy i know"
(an undescribe conservation)

back! i love sungha jung <3<3<3<3

He's a guy for sure and he is from South Korea. A professional acoustic fingerstyle guitarist and he's too adorable cutie that makes everyone melting. including gays. i love his hairstyle. Fullstop.

And he's not my boyfriend. td tu mlawak ja la..  x mungkin aq ada bf. x mungkin kerana ianya berkemungkinan. 

Anyway ed suka kat anis sofea. rasanya lah. sgt x adil utk kwn aq sorg gi. aiseh man aq konfius la plak. anis mmg cun . tp derr.. == aq ngn kwn dy tu cmna la an? XDDDDD ksian la kwn aq tuu. anis nie ar... :((((( tikam kwn ka pa? XD Just kidding, Anis. Hg sporting an?

ha! satu g. utk anis sofea . kalu dia baca la. 

"anis! hg hack acc aq. tlg la explain blek kat negative s... dia mcm mrh aq ja :'( " 

okey then. smoga bertemu lagi. jgn fikir psal result exam. pmr lmbat g. 4 bulan ja lg. x lama aih. XD

p/s : beruntungnya anis. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) XOXO

                                              Sungha main gitar utk aq XD JK

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